Sunday, May 21, 2006

music lovers take note

This post pertains to the Mother of Invention Acting School: acting classes in San Francisco led by Yale MFA director Andrew Utter.

"Without music, life would be a mistake" --Friedrich Nietzsche

A friend recently turned me on to a site called Here you can create your own radio station by choosing a couple of bands or songs that you like. When the station plays, it will sometimes play the music you chose, but will also play songs that are akin to the music you have mentioned, so you can discover new music to explore. You can indicate whether you like a song that the station plays, or that you don't, and based on this, pandora will continue to refine its sense of your taste. You can maintain a list of favorites and go back to them and play clips to recall what they sound like and decide if you might want to buy the CD. I have already found a singer/songwriter named David Poe I think I am going to like a lot. Anyway, I know several people who have tried it and are hooked, so I thought I would pass the word.

Lest this post seem to be "off topic", I'll just point out that rhythm and musicality are features of many of the great plays that actors confront. Al Pacino is said to have rehearsed for Glengarry Glen Ross with a metronome. Beyond that, having music that you love and feel inspired by is a great way to feed and nurture your muse, and keep your desire to stay in it alive.

Nuff said.

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