Tuesday, August 10, 2010

one more thing about priming

This post is a follow up to this one about the importance of the ceremony of donning rehearsal clothes for a scene every time you rehearse it.

I have been continuing to read Dr. Dan Siegel's Mindsight:

If you play tennis, for example, each time you put on your shorts and shoes,pick up your racket, and head for the court, your brain is actively creating a "tennis-playing state of mind." In this state, you are primed to access your motor skills, your competitive strategies, and even your memories of prior games. If you are playing a familiar opponent, you'll recall her moves, her strongest hits, and her weak spots. All of these memories, skills, and even feelings-- of competition and aggression-- are activated together.

Any questions?

Update: Tweet from Alain de Botton: Enduring wisdom of Zen Buddhism in making a central religious ritual out of the preparation and consumption of a cup of tea.

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