Friday, February 12, 2010

life imitates art, which imitates Brenda Starr...

How cool is that?

Introductory Alexander Technique class- Bay Area

From Constance Clare-Newman:

Hello students, friends, colleagues,
Please pass this along to anyone who you know would benefit!

Move into the spring with balance and ease!

Introductory Alexander Technique Class

This six-week class will meet Thursday mornings, 10:30am-12pm, February 25-April 8. (skipping March 25th)
Includes 6 group sessions plus one private lesson. Cost is $250.

Learn basic functional anatomy as it relates to posture and movement.
Understand how your state of mind affects your muscles and postural state.
Discover the unconscious habits that interfere with your good posture, free movement, and even mood.
Explore changing these habits in class and practicing better posture, less effort in activities and poise of your mind/body self.

Classes include mindful movement and breath explorations, practice in activities from your daily routine and individual hands-on guidance. Students leave each class feeling relaxed and revitalized. Each week offers a new practice to explore and skills you can use immediately.

This practical weekly group experience includes a private lesson in which you receive a personalized evaluation of your postural and movement patterns, and new ways to un-do them.

Class sessions are 90 minutes; private sessions are 50 minutes. Class size is limited to 6 students.
Classes are held in Rockridge, Oakland. 2 blocks from BART and just off Hwy 24.

Call or e-mail Constance for more info, or to register, 510-655-2734
Constance Clare-Newman

Less Effort, More Ease
The Alexander Technique

Check out Constance's great guest post on this blog here.

why my neighborhood is Teh Awesome!!!

Cause every so often we get a new sculpture like this on our Hayes Valley Green:

where else in America?

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