Sunday, September 16, 2007

we got mugwumped (and it felt GOOD!)

(This post is from the blog of the Mother of Invention Acting School in San Francisco ( an acting class in San Francisco for serious, motivated students.)

It's so bracing to see a truly original theatrical event. I went with a bunch of friends to see mugwumpin's show in the SF Fringe tonight. These guys have really developed a voice that is unlike anything I have ever seen, and I am a bit of a jaded ex-New Yorker when it comes to theater. Fresh, genuinely funny, enigmatic without being self-important, leaves you wanting more. What more can you ask for? Props to mugwumpin! I'll throw down for you guys anytime! There's one more show tomorrow (Sunday, so catch it if you can).

I spoke to Denmo Ibrahim afterwards, who directed the piece. She was very gracious and approachable, and I am really impressed with the physical skill of her actors. She studied a French form of mime called Le Coq (deon't think Marcel Marceau) that is a FANTASTIC form of movement training for actors. I hope she will be gracing the halls of the Mother of Invention Acting School 'ere long, helping to inspire and instruct.



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