Thursday, December 09, 2010

BOOYEAH!!: Uranium Madhouse Gets A Fiscal Sponsor

I am doing backflips incredibly excited to announce that Uranium Madhouse has obtained fiscal sponsorship from an organization called Fractured Atlas. What this means is that donors can now claim donations to Uranium Madhouse as a tax deduction.

Here is a full list of benefits that Fractured Atlas provides:

  • Online donations by credit card (up to $5,000 per transaction) with no additional fee for credit card processing
  • Donors can make automatic recurring monthly credit card donations
  • We can accept and process non-cash donations of equipment and materials
  • Create dynamic fundraising campaigns, including through integration with cutting-edge crowdsourcing platforms like IndieGoGo.
  • Fund release checks are issued weekly or through ACH (electronic fund transfer) at the sponsored artist's request
  • Complete set of online tools for managing your sponsored fund (check your fund balance, view donation and fund release history, look up donor contact information, process new donations, etc.)
  • Access to a variety of fundraising templates
  • Online profile and website link featured on our website
  • Program is structured to ensure that you should never owe any taxes on money we disburse. Funds are disbursed only when you have project-related expenses, which ensures that any "income" from the fiscal sponsorship will be 100% offset by deductible expenses.
  • Access to Volunteermatch, Materials for the Arts, the TDF Costume Collection, nonprofit rates and sales tax exemption in the State of New York
  • Subsidized fundraising assistance is available for research assistance, grant applications, individual campaigns, events etc.
  • Fractured Atlas staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable — a great ally as you pursue your work!

It's a beautiful thing! I'll say it again:


Uranium Madhouse Associate Artist: David Bauman

The march of massively talented people coalescing around Uranium Madhouse continues with David Bauman:

David Bauman is an actor, writer, and teacher in Los Angeles. Originally from Wisconsin, he received his B.A. in Theater and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin, and his M.F.A from U.C.L.A. In Los Angeles Bauman has worked with the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, Evidence Room Theater, Buzzworks Theater, The Blank, Theater Company's Young Playwrights' Festival and Living Room Series, and Sacred Fools, in classic and contemporary productions. Bauman has taught acting at UCLA, StageCoach School at CrossRoads, YADA (The Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts) in Los Angeles, and is currently a member of the faculty at Idyllwild Arts Summer Conservatory, where he has been writing and directing original and adapted works for more than ten years, including his adaptation of Heinrich Hoffman's Shockheaded Peter, The Red-Legged Scissorman, his musical adaptation of A League of Their Own, and his original musicals Down the Block, and The Scrugg Sisters. Bauman is currently preoccupied with the group SomeComedyThing, creating short films and webisodes.

Catch David in the hilarious holiday bacchanal Bob's Holiday Office Party.

And check out David's recent writing and directing work with a comedy troupe he works with (it comes after the commercial):

Welcome David!

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