Friday, March 12, 2010

got something you want to share?

I think you should watch this.

H/T a poor player

happiness is...

...finding something like this in your gmail:

Hi A

thanks a lot for last night. it was really great to work on the scene with you. just wanted to share with you a couple notes about the experience from my journal this morning:

when i stayed on the offensive i was vulnerable in a totally new way. i was putting it out there and seeing what i would get back in return. there was greater force, clearer direction, and a sense of truly fighting for what i wanted. i don’t think i’ve ever acted that way before. instead i’ve always defaulted to reacting, which generally comes out as a “mood” or “emotional state.” in fact it’s a very neutered way of being.

through the rehearsal i also understood viscerally (and dramaturgically) how Ben is the protagonist in the play, even though everything seems to be happening to him. in the end he’s nearly brought to his knees, until the last scene when he does finally win the fight to count & bring meaning into his life.

that's it. thanks again & see you tonight!


--email from Travis Shakespeare, actor

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