Thursday, October 21, 2010

Angela Hahn books a role in an indie feature

Two-time SF Mother of Inventioner Angela Hahn just got a role in an independent feature film. And she found that her skills from class were a major help in preparing her audition, as she writes below:

The film is a low budget, feature length film by local film maker Dante Oliviero called Ozu. He describes it as a "horror/thriller" but without a lot of blood and guts. It's about a girl who thinks she's being followed by a ghost and turns to a ghost hunter for help. It's written in "the spirit of Rashomon", from 4 different characters' perspectives..and it's up to the audience to decipher the "real story". In any event, I wanted to audition for the role of one of the detectives...but he had everyone use the same scene for the audition, which was a scene between Catherine, the girl who thinks she's being followed, and the ghost hunter. He thought this scene would give him an idea of everyone's acting ability.
Initially, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't read "as the detective" and was worried that I wouldn't be able to play "the scared girl" who thinks she's being followed. Even though I had very little information about the character and the story, I approached it in the way that I have learned in your the best of my ability, I developed a "Who Am I?" for my character, what were the given circumstances, what had happened immediately before the scene, where do I live, where does the scene take place, what time is it, etc, and I really tried to personalize what it felt like to think I'm being followed/stalked. I also worked on developing the relationship with the other character in the scene, what was my objective, what do I need from the other character. During the audition, I reminded myself to "throw the ball" and try to receive what was coming at me. After the audition, the director commented that he could really tell that I had "done my homework and created a backstory for the character and the scene." About a week later, the director called to let me know I got the role as the detective.

Congratulations Angela! Sounds like a FABULOUS project!

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