Wednesday, July 25, 2007


(This post is from the blog of the Mother of Invention Acting School in San Francisco ( an acting class in San Francisco for serious, motivated students.)

I was at the San Francisco Theater Festival this weekend promoting my classes. I had the good fortune to be placed next to Michael Rice, the creator of the Cool as Hell Theater Podcast. He produced the interview with me that is accessible from the home page of my website. The Podcast is an ongoing series of reports about Bay Area theater happenings that is presented in collaboration with KQED. He gets invited to pretty much everything, and sees a lot of it. I asked him if there was a company whose work consistently impressed him. As a jaded New York theatergoer and Drama School grad, I am always on the lookout for theater that is genuinely inspiring, so a strong recommendation from someone who goes to a ton of it means a lot. He said there was a company called mugwumpin that he really liked, and that he would go see anything they did. That's exactly the kind of recommendation I am always in the market for. And if course I immediately wanted to pass it along to you, dear readers, so that you could go to the theater and be inspired as well.

A visit to the mugwumpin website doesn't tell you a whole hell of a lot (although the site is visually compelling!), but I did see somewhere that they were residents artists at the Exit Theater. Since the Exit is the home of the SF Fringe Festival, I figured it would be a good bet that they would have a show in this year's Fringe, which happens in September. And sure enough, there is: it's called Tesla's White Pigeon. The link to buy tickets didn't work when I clicked on it, but I am sure there is a way. I know I am going to get on the phone with the Exit and get some tickets.

And check out the Cool as Hell Theater podcast. Michael is an engaging (and tough!) interviewer, it's always worth a listen:



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