Sunday, April 25, 2010

color me ravished

I went to see this movie tonight. Wow. Just, wow. This movie reminded of what a incredible pleasure a film can be. It's masterful. Seductive. Engrossing. Suspenseful. Joy-inducing. Funny. Politically sharp. It's incomparable.

At some point in the middle, I realized that these characters had become my good friends (there is some superb acting in it...). I was pierced by the thought that the movie would end at some point, and I would have to say good-bye to them. But I was quickly and easily drawn back in to the captivating story.

(Some)people in (some) other countries really know what a movie is. People who make movies in this country? Not so much.

I had walked across town to the cinema bebopping to my beloved New Pornographers (whose new album comes out in less than TWO WEEKS, and who I will be seeing at the Fox this summer!!!), but on the way home, after this movie, it was time for something a little more...melancholy. Soulful. Deeper. It was time for Damien Fucking Rice. (This had nothing to do with the movie, but it perfectly expresses the mood I was in when it was over.)

On the walk home, I felt like I was seeing San Francisco for the first time. The nineteenth century streetlights, the twentieth century buildings, the restaurant cleanup guys hosing down the sidewalks, people driving cars with the scars to show they have some good stories to tell, it was all a marvel. What a gift, what a treat, what a thrill! I will sleep the deep sleep of contentment tonight.

PS This movie won the 2010 Oscar for Best Foreign Film!!!!!

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