Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uranium Madhouse Associate Artist: William Haugse

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I am very proud to announce the newest addition to the Uranium Madhouse Family: Oscar- and Emmy- nominated film editor, actor, director, writer and photographer William Haugse.

William Haugse An Oscar- and Emmy-nominated editor, William Haugse has edited a dozen feature documentaries including "Hoop Dreams," "Sunset Story," "Stevie," and "No Impact Man," and approximately 50 hours of network and cable documentaries. He was nominated for both an Oscar ("Hoop Dreams" Fineline) and an Emmy ("The Last Days of Kennedy and King" Turner), and received the American Cinema Editors Eddie Award among many other prizes. He has worked with Orson Welles and John Cassavetes, among others. His own film, "Breakfast in Bed," starring John Ritter, was "finely crafted" according to the Hollywood Reporter and received festival awards both here and in Europe. As a director of short documentaries he has won several national prizes including Chris Gold awards. Starting during his days as a student at UCLA School of Theater, Film and TV he has acted and directed in live theater, including works by Pinter ("crisp and tantalizing" Los Angeles Times) and Albee. In the 1990s, he was a professor at the USC Department of Cinema for five years. In recent years, another art form has come to the fore; Haugse has had two-man shows and group shows of photography in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Haugse has lived and worked principally in Los Angeles, but also in New York and Chicago, where he engaged not only in filmmaking but also wrote, acted, and directed live theater. He returned to Los Angeles in 1995, where he has been working ever since.

Welcome Bill!

for the first time in 6 years...

...since I founded Mother of Invention, I will not be teaching a class in San Francisco this spring.

As my regular readers know, I live in LA now. I have founded a theater company there, and I will be producing and directing our inaugural production there, to open in June. The demands on my time and psychic energy from this venture will be very high. Also, the business in Los Angeles is heating up. I had to turn away six students from the LA Essentials that started last week because it was full, so I have announced a second Essentials class to start shortly. Also, I am teaching the Advanced class in LA for the first time starting February. In light of this expansion and the demands of directing and producing, I have reluctantly faced the fact that weekly trips to SF for the period of April to June is just going to be too much.

However. Fear not!

I have not abandoned you SF! I have 4-1-5 tattooed on my neck, don't forget. I will be returning to the Bay area to catch the balmy summer, with a course starting in late June or early July. I love the Bay area I want to continue my presence there.

And you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder.

So wish me well on my new exploits, and I will leave a little bit of my heart in San Francisco when I leave after the upcoming Friends and Family Night.

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

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