Thursday, May 06, 2010

all hail David Cronenberg

I watched Eastern Promises the other night. I guess I have to eat my words from a few days ago about American filmmakers not knowing how to make movies. Cronenberg is a master.

I particularly admire a director who is able to achieve a high level of acting skill across a cast. Achieving this demonstrates a real understanding of what acting is about, and it's reassuring to see that there are people out there with that kind of understanding making movies. All of the principals deliver in this film. I have put History of Violence in my Netflix queue. I am not sure how far back into the Cronenberg ouvre I'll be able to go. Scanners and Videodrome may be beyond what I want to deal with in a movie. But it's great to see an enfant terrible grow up without losing his edge. It doesn't always work that way.

And for the gay guys in the house: you REALLY don't want to miss this movie. Trust me.

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