Friday, January 01, 2010

2009: the motion picture

Check it out here. Though I'm not sure Will Smith would be my choice for Barack Obama.

H/T Jenny Bennett

announcing: Body-Mind-Word

The Mother of Invention Acting School will be offering a new class starting in 2010, Body-Mind-Word. This will be a class that initiates students into the practice of presence: the use of our physical, mental and verbal capacities to invite and hold attention, and manifest our full expressive potential. It will make use of elements of non-Stanislavsky based acting training, including Suzuki, Linklater, Grotowski and Cicely Berry, and of various other disciplines that promote body-mind integration, including T'ai-Chi, yoga, capoeira, Limon dance technique, contact improvisation and Pilates.

The class is intended to complement and round out the Stanislavsky-based training presented in the Mother of Invention Acting School's Essentials class. As such, for a limited time, students who are currently enrolled in an Essentials class will be able to take Body-Mind-Word for a substantial discount.

Course specifics such as cost, time and location to be announced shortly.

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