Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Word. Just, word.

I just came across this on a Facebook profile. It blows any and all other Facebook profile content, including mine, into another dimension:

on my honor, i promise to sharpen my wits on a dead man's skull, to worship the flaw, the mole on the belly of an exquisite whore; blood on the tv and thorozine brain cloud; to relish the terrible thrill of new loves on the blood covered ground; to struggle with diminished zeal, insolence, collapse and fright; to behold the age of murderers and embrace the vampire that watches over us; to exploit all circus freaks with pale dead fish skin and scorn the luxury of the lepers; slaves, let us not curse life, but stand proud like the bitch after the assault of dogs, licking her flank from which hangs a severed entrail...amen....

Mark Hoagland FTW

A Uranium Madhouse kindred spirit.

PS Comment if you caught the Patti Smith allusion, or any other allusions that I didn't catch.

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