Tuesday, May 12, 2009

some questions

I was on a website called answerbag.com today and I came across some thought-provoking questions I wanted to share with all of my friends on teh Internets. If you want to know the answer, you can visit answerbag.com yourself, and search for the answer. You will be enlightened!

  • Did a security guard ever annoy you?
  • What is that song that come out in French movie girl riding on bicycle and story is she falls in love with book writer... love triangle..... I have been trying to figure this out for so many days...
  • I have started a casual thing with this guy,he has invited me to his house later and asked me to bring a porn movie with me,what should i read into this?is he getting more comfortable with me?
  • Which animal is the meanest on earth?
  • Your 1.6 ghz computer acts like a 386... what do you do?
  • What is the recipe for the butter fried lobster sold in Puerto Neuvo, Baja California, Mexico?
  • What would you do if your older daughter was negative in all she talked about or did and every time she came to visit she would curse her son out in front of you being the grandmother of the child and then she talked bad about you and the other siblings?
  • Do you like to ride in a convertable?
  • How did human evolutions came from apes if most apes live no more than 75 years? don't a ape would have to live thousands or ten thousands of years for this to happen?
  • Have you ever seen a blue rabbit?
  • Does anybody find the burger king guy creepy and what would you do if you saw him peeking in your window
  • What is that rap song that came out in the 90's, it has a guy and a girl singing thats like, na na na na na na na na na something something "well always be together" na na nana na na na na na...Ive been trying to figure this out for days!
  • What is good way to get knowledge?
  • Would you rather receive an official letter or an official e-mail?
  • Are the new Giant Cheetos commercials meant to be creepy as hell?
  • Will i lose weight if i jump everyday. Will my breast become bigger or not?
  • When i was baptized in 2004 it was like having new life after a rain.Written by myself.Decribe to me what the rain means logicaly or spirituly
  • I'm in the malI, I can't make to the bathroom. What do I do? (13
  • Hi, my wife tried to use a credit card online by inserting it into the floppy port of our pc. I have tried to fish it out but looks like it will have to come apart to retrieve the card. Is that a easy task to do? Thanks.
  • My boyfriend is 29, and he revealed to me when he was 20 a man sucked his penis..... do you think he may still have those tendecies
  • Were you disappointed when your doggie didn't want to eat or didn't enjoy the box of Scooby Doo snacks; you purchased for them?
  • Does a cold beverage taste better to you in a glass or in a plastic cup or does it really matter?
  • What do you do when your friend ditches you? Her excuse being 'your trying to steal my boyfriend', which is completely untrue and stupid as im not like that at all.
  • If the Civil War were to happen today, would you fight for the west?
  • How much would you guess you pan of Lasagna weighs when you are all done with preparing it? (I swear mine has got to be 5 lbs. or better)
  • How many times have you actually followed your gut instinct and what you felt was going to happen didn't because you felt it and did something different?

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