Sunday, April 24, 2011

this blog has moved!

You can find it here now.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friends and Family Night Pics

These are some pics from the last LA Friends and Family Night, shot by the incomparable Eric Ulbrich:

(Click to see enlarged version)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Houses of Cards happen.

Especially when Yolanda Seabourne is building them.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kylie's salty chocolate balls...

...are for sale at our Bake Sale tomorrow.

Did I happen to mention?

No, I don't think I did.

At our bake sale tomorrow: cupcakes from Crumbs in Larchmont, donated by Ron Ginsberg.

Also, Crumbs generously donated 24 bite-sized cupcakes:

Come sample our wares. Lots of homebaked goodness. Tomorrow, starting at 10 AM, Beverly and Gardner, between Fairfax and La Brea.

Check @UraniumMadhouse for any updates.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uranium Madhouse Bake Sale!!!

This Saturday we'll be peddling our delicious wares to raise money for our upcoming production. Please stop by and pick up some yellowcake or other delicacy. We'll have cookies, cupcakes, cake, and lots of other goodies.

We are planning to set up shop at the NE corner of Pan-Pacific Park, which is the SW corner of Beverly and Gardner, between La Brea and Fairfax. Check the @UraniumMadhouse twitter feed for any updates on the location.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

a rare opportunity for actors

If I were going to be in SF in May, I'd be there.

Naked Empire Bouffon Company

Artistic Director, Nathaniel Justiniano, is offering his weekend long
Bouffon Intensive May 13-15, 2011.


“The work of bouffon satisfies my greatest desires of the theatre. As
a performer it demands an intense athleticism and availability to
one’s wildest imagination. As audience to it I have found a way to
both laugh at myself and check my apathy at the door. As a citizen I
am consistently impressed by how much of the ‘unsayable’ the bouffon
is allowed to say and by how well people hear it. The space is
electrified by the presence of the bouffon, making each moment
potentially and hilariously explosive or deadly silent. No one is

This intensive is a crash course in bouffon performance with the only
company this side of the Mississippi exclusively dedicated to the
research and performance of bouffon.

What you’ll be learning and practicing:

* Finding your personal bouffon
* Entering into and creating within a state of ecstatic play
* Choral, movement-based improvization
* Mercurial acting techniques for shape-shifting between
characters of heightened text and grace to those of base, groveling
goblin prophets
* Audacious and confrontational status play with the audience
* Wielding stillness and silence like a scapel
* Parodying social maladies and hypocrisies
* Ramshackle techniques for on-the-fly costume creation

You do not need to have previous experience in this form of theatre,
nor in performance at all. This is, however, an athletic, intensely
physical form of theatre that demands the in-the-moment engagement of
your intellect and perverse imagination. If this resonates with you,
we would love to see you here.

Bouffon Intensive with Nathaniel Justiniano

Friday, May 13th 6p – 10p
Saturday, May 14th 10a – 10p
Sunday, May 15th 12p – 6p

Price: $175 (before May 1st), $200 (after May 1st)


Main Street Theatre
915 Cayuga Ave
San Francisco, CA 94112
(5 minutes from: Balboa Park BART, Muni J, K, 14, 49)

About the teacher:

Nathaniel Justiniano has been a professional actor and director for
over 10 years. In 2007 he co-created Pax Americana, a satire of war
as seen through the lens of United States history and EUOI!, a bouffon
experiment in ecstatic ritual, inspired by the research of
anthropologist, Barbara Ehrenreich. He has performed with The
Thrillpeddlers in their mega-hit, Pearls Over Shanghai, as well as
with the SF Buffoons in their productions of The Hasheesh Eater and
Spunk, a satire of gold rush-era San Francisco. In 2009 he led the
creation of Naked Empire's debut production, Shame! as a DIY Artist-in-
Residence at the recently-closed Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory, formerly
one of San Francisco’s most popular centers for queer and activist
performance. His most recent work, Cousin Cruelty's Compulsion,
addresses violence in society and was the subject of a feature column
in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He teaches workshops in bouffon,
commedia dell’arte, and mask performance and serves as the Director of
Physical Comedy for the Sacramento Shakespeare Festival as well as a
guest teacher of physical theatre at Sacramento City College. He
holds an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre from Dell’Arte
International School of Physical Theatre.

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