Tuesday, July 17, 2007

congrats to jay m

(This post is from the blog of the Mother of Invention Acting School in San Francisco (www.utteracting.com): an acting class in San Francisco for serious, motivated students.)

Hi all,

Mother of Invention newcomer is acting in a production of Midsummer Night's Dream in the woods! Congrats Jay! Details from Jay below:

i'll be performing "a midsummer night's dream," directed by stuart
bousel and presented as part of atmostheatre's theatre in the woods

that's right, it's theatre-in-the-frickin-woods! we've got a beautiful
plot of land, about 30 miles out of the city, just off of skyline.
beautiful amphitheaters in the middle of a redwood forest. [honestly, i
feel better as soon as i get out of the car, but i'm from the forest,
you know? when i get back to nature i just feel calm, and free. but

the show's great. it's a LOT of fun, briskly paced, highly
intelligible, and it's got a great cast. it's a fun way to spend two
and a half hours on a summer day. and did i mention it's in the woods?

and on a personal note: i don't usually like to pimp my shit, but i'm
really proud of some of the work i've been doing on this show. i'm doing
two smaller parts, mainly for comic relief, but this shows just...feels
right. so, if you have a chance to make it up to the bay this august
[and let's face it, the only people who don't want to spend august in
norcal are northern californians], please come check it out.

tickets are going fast. i found out today like half of our dates are
sold out. so, my bad. but there are plenty of other performances. we
preview the last weekend of july and then do saturday/sunday through
labor day. all performances are matinees [duh, the woods are scary at
night], 1 o'clock curtain. here's the website:


i believe i've got a couple comps as well, so if you need one, ask early
and be poor. but come see the show.


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