Sunday, July 09, 2006

As You Like It A Lot!!!

Hi all,

Last night, I saw something I couldn't wait to come home and spread the word about. And how! It was a production of As You Like It produced by a new company called the ARClight Theater Company. The show is running at the Altarena Playhouse in Alameda. Where to begin! The piece was inventively staged, the acting was very good and some of it was stupendous, the company was extremely well-spoken, so the verse was a pleasure to listen to, and the cast had a real sense of ownership of the production. The strength of the direction is visible in the assurance and ease with which the whole thing comes off. And the theater itself is a gem: built in 1938, at the tail end of the Little Theater movement in this country, it stirringly evokes the idealism of that period. Hop on the BART and go there now!!!

More info at

PS I posted the audtions for this show in this blog in an entry entitled "Get Your Shakespeare On" a while back. This is a company to get involved with on the ground floor. They are doing work with a freshness and vitality that is the rarest of commodities. So stay tuned!

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