Sunday, March 16, 2008

benefit for rent control in San Francisco

Hey everyone,

Rent control is in danger in SF, and this has the potential to randically xhange the cahracter of our beautiful city. Friends in New York constantly bemoan what has happened there. The city os full of Sarah Jessica Parker wannabes. Not even Williamsburg has been spared. Act now, before it's too late.

Come to this benefit on March 29!


DATE: March 16, 2008
FROM: Gary Virginia, Volunteer Event Producer; (415) 867-5004 c,

No on 98 Benefit at Metro City Bar March 29

San Francisco - A stellar lineup of entertainers will grace the stage on Sat., March 29, 6-9pm at Metro City Bar to help defeat CA Proposition 98 on the June ballot. If passed, the measure would repeal rent control statewide and potentially affect 180,000 homes in San Francisco.

According to the SF Tenants Union, Prop. 98 is disguised as a measure to reform eminent domain laws. The measure's real target, though, is rent control. It would repeal and ban any rent control, as well as other measures promoting affordable housing such as inclusionary affordable housing laws.

The competing measure to save rent control, Proposition 99, lets voters choose real eminent domain reform, without any hidden agenda like rent control repeal. Prop. 99 also takes the eminent domain reform issue away from right-wing groups, which have been trying to use the eminent domain reform issue as a mask to attack consumer and environmental regulations. Plus Prop. 99 has a poison pill, invalidating the rent control repeal measure if Prop. 99 wins and gets more votes than Prop. 98.

Benefit organizers Gary Virginia and Tommi Avicolli-Mecca are both renters in the city and share the sentiment that "The effects of poor planning for affordable housing in San Francisco coupled with speculative use of the Ellis Act have forced many renters out of state or into homelessness. Maintaining rent control is critical to a sustainable working class and cultural diversity here."

The March 29 benefit will feature entertainment by the Peaceniks, Donna Sachet, Joan Crawford Texas, Johnny Cocksville, Lucy Borden, Anaconda, Jon Sugar and other Bay Area performers. Raffle proceeds, performer tips and outright donations will support the No on 98 campaign. To donate or for more information, call Gary Virginia at (415) 626-5004. There is no cover charge for the benefit.

More information on the ballot initiative is at

Metro City Bar, 2124 Market at Church, (415) 703-9750.

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