Sunday, November 25, 2007

catch her on the way up

Hi all,

Forgive the long hiatus. I can only invoke Abraham Lincoln's observation that it is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and leave no doubt.

A friend of mine, Elif Batuman, has a star that is rising quickly: she has had at least one piece published in the New Yorker, and was recently awarded something like twenty-five grand for being a promising woman writer. Anyway, she will be reading at three bay area locations this week, as she reports, with scintillating wit, in her blog:

It won't suck, believe me.

Anyway, cheers, here comes Xmas, hold on tight,


1 comment:

Elif said...

Dear Andrew! Thanks for the post! I wanted to add that you and your respected entourage are warmly invited to the n+1 party this Saturday, 12/1, at the Swedish-American Hall on Market St. (you know, upstairs from Cafe du Nord).
Admission is free for subscribers to n+1 magazine, $7 for non-subscribers. Subscriptions are $20 at the door (a bargain). It won't suck; there will be music, dancing, and the kind of oblivion-inducing beverages that make people forget about the impending holiday season. QED!

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